Golf Courses

AVEM Water has extensive experience supplying pipe, valves, fittings, and associated products for Golf Course projects. We are also the go to supplier for many golf course managers to help keep their inventory of repair and maintenance products up to date.


Golf Course Applications

Storm Drainage

We carry a full line a Storm Drainage product solutions. Our products focus on: drainage collection systems, culverts, precast catch basins and manholes, PVC and HDPE catch basins and manholes, pump stations, erosion control, and much more.

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Reclaimed Water

We strongly support the use of Reclaimed Water whenever the option is feasible. We carry of full of line of reclaimed water products that focus on the distribution of treated water for irrigation and other non-potable water uses. We offer a broad range of: pipe, valves, fittings, restraints, and other products.

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Our irrigation product line focuses on water treatment, transmission, and distribution to golf courses, farms, and other markets. It centers around our strong offering of PE, PVC, and DIP pipe and fittings along with our complete line of valves, service products, and repair products.

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We carry a full line of non fixture plumbing product solutions. Our products focus on: underground and above ground piping systems, valves, fittings, and restraints. We also carry a complete line of industrial, commercial, and residential solutions.

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