AVEM Water offers a complete line of waterworks product solutions for your Mine project needs. When you combine AVEM Water’s commitment to the Mining market and the international marketplace, you have a supplier that can meet all of your technical product needs along with meeting your strict schedules and logistic requirements.


Mining Applications


We have become specialized in supplying complete industrial solutions to dredging and mining contractors. Our primary products include: HDPE pipe and fittings, PVC pipe and fittings, repair parts, and specialty flanges. We have the ability to custom fabricate any variation of product your project may need.

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Storm Drainage

We carry a full line a Storm Drainage product solutions. Our products focus on: drainage collection systems, culverts, precast catch basins and manholes, PVC and HDPE catch basins and manholes, pump stations, erosion control, and much more.

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Erosion Control

We offer a comprehensive product line of erosion and stabilization control products for a wide range of market needs. This line includes: road construction membranes and fabrics, liners and membranes, sediment control, retaining devices, turbidity devices, and much more.

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Primary Product Categories

HDPE Industrial Pipe

Industrial HDPE pipe is available in imperial and metric sizes for non potable water transfer requirements.

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HDPE Municipal Pipe

PE (Polyethylene) Pressure Pipe is a versatile plastic that has many practical uses, not the least of which is for the fabrication of pipe. The number one characteristic that sets PE apart from other pipe types is that it can be made to be flexible. This quality opens PE pipe up to a different world of applications than rigid pipe

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HDPE Municipal Fittings

HDPE Municipal Fittings are available as molded and fabricated in a variety of pressure ratings, configurations, and sizes.

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HDPE Drainage Pipe

HDPE Drainage Pipe is available in a variety of sizes for a variety of drainage applications.

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