AVEM Water targets markets where our product line can be dynamically leveraged to give international waterworks contractors, developers, municipalities, and facility owners a complete product solution not achievable by others in the the industry. AVEM Water, along with the manufacturers we represent, have extensive experience in each market group. This means that your project is started and completed on time, on budget, and to spec.


Tranmission Mains

If you are responsible for owning, installing, or servicing water, sanitary, and reclaimed transmission main pipelines, then you know it’s all about making sure you have a system that is leak free and dependable 24/7. AVEM Water is your international source for products relating to transmission main projects.

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Non Revenue Water

AVEM Water has become a leading supplier to contractors performing international NRW projects. We understand the high demands of these projects and work diligently with our customers to keep their projects on time and on budget.

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Housing Developments

AVEM Water prides itself as a leading supplier to contractors installing civil and waterworks utilities systems for housing developments. Our team has a long history in the construction of housing developments, giving us a deep understanding of what our customers need to get their jobs done on schedule and within budget.

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Hotels & Resorts

AVEM Water has gained a solid reputation among Hotel and Resort contractors as the supplier who performs. We provide our customers with the broadest range of waterworks products to help consolidate buying, packaging, and shipping .

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Water Treatment

AVEM Water combines our complete waterworks line, specialty water and wastewater treatment facility products, and value added extras to bring our customers an unparalleled supply solution.

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Road & Highway

AVEM Water has gained the reputation as the go to supplier for Road and Highway projects due to our ability to assist contractors with a complete line of waterworks related products and our ability to supply an extensive range of associated products to keep your road and highway project on schedule and on budget.

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Golf Courses

AVEM Water has extensive experience supplying pipe, valves, fittings, and associated products for Golf Course projects. We are also the go to supplier for many golf course managers to help keep their inventory of repair and maintenance products up to date.

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Airports & Seaports

Construction of airports and seaports brings a unique set of challenges for contractors and suppliers. Extreme loads, harsh environments, and critical schedules come together to create the ultimate construction and supply challenge.

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International commercial projects can encompass a variety of waterworks applications. AVEM Water is the supplier of choice to bring these applications together under one roof. Our experienced team is capable of working with multiple contractors and aspects of commercial projects to streamline the project supply chain.

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AVEM Water offers a complete line of waterworks product solutions for your Mine project needs. When you combine AVEM Water’s commitment to the Mining market and the international marketplace, you have a supplier that can meet all of your technical product needs along with meeting your strict schedules and logistic requirements.

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Piping systems are a critical part of Landfill and Solid Waste Facilities. AVEM Water understands the demand for the highest quality materials for these systems. Our waterworks product line and related products offers you the complete scope of products to help with your leachate, re-circulation, and gas extraction needs.

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PPP & International Bank Financed

AVEM Water team members have experience in construction management, project execution, and general finance. We are strongly suited to handle the high demands of PPP and develop- mental finance projects. Our team members have been involved with PPP, IDB, CDB, Worldbank, and UN projects for many years and understand exactly what it takes for these projects to succeed.

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