Municipal Waste Water Air Release Valves


Municipal Waste Water Air Release Valves are available 2 in – 4 in. They maintain systems flow efficiency, release unwanted air pockets during system operation, and protect the system against air related surges.

An Air Release Valve (Figure 8), sometimes referred to as a “small orifice” valve, will continuously release accumu- lated air during system operation. As air from the pipeline enters the valve, it displaces the water, allowing the float to drop. The air is then released into the atmosphere through a small orifice. As the air is vented it is replaced by water, raising the float and closing the valve orifice. As air accumulates, the valve will continue to cycle in this manner to remove collected air.

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Exterior Coatings:
Imperial Outlet Sizes:
Imperial Sizes:
  • 2 In,
  • 3 in,
  • 4 in,
Interior Coating:
Joint Connection Type:
  • FNPT Threads,

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