UL/FM Resilient Wedge (RW) Gate Valve


UL/FM Resilient Wedge (RW) Gate Valves are specifically designed for use in fire protection systems with UL Listing and FM approval. They are manufactured to AWWA C509 and C515 and are available as non rising stem (NRS) and outside screw & yoke (OS&Y) in a variety of sizes, connection types, gearing options, and specialty coatings.

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Imperial Sizes:
  • 4 in,
  • 6 in,
  • 8 in,
  • 10 in,
  • 12 in,
  • 14 in,
  • 16 in,
  • 18 in,
  • 20 in,
  • 24 in,
Joint Connection Type:
Pressure Class (PSI):
  • 350 psi,
Valve Operation Type:

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