Alicia Carrington

I was born on the sunny, West Indian Island of Barbados. I am the elder of two girls, 1 year and 3 days apart, this meant lots of sibling rivalry. Today my sister and I are best friends and we are inseparable. After Secondary school I started my first major job at RR Donnelley as a Proof Reader/Document Processor. I worked a shift which included a two week period each month on 11pm – 7am shift (never again!)…

In May of 2005, I joined the DGL Building Materials Solutions Inc team as the Receivables Clerk. Little did I know that this position included joining the sales team. Quickly I was molded into shape and gained extensive knowledge in lumber and building supplies. In less than 6 months I was entrusted with the task of acting as Mr. Leacock’s Corporate Secretary. Here began a team that has now seen over ten years of hard work. In 2013 we continued in that vein and joined with AVEM Water where we have seen much success and gained extensive knowledge in the waterworks industry.

Personally, I am the proud mother to my 4 month old daughter Azaliyah. I am also months away from graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of The West Indies. I love going to the beach; but not in the water, surprising but true, and travelling which really means shopping.

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