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The AVEM Water Interactive Product Guide is designed to let you interact with waterworks and related infrastructure products from multiple platforms in one place. Although you can research manufacturer specific information, products are listed and interacted with independent of manufacturer. Doing this allows us to help focus on the complete product solution rather than simply a single product offering. Please read the instruction below and enjoy this valuable industry resource.

How it Works

Product Line Sheets

If you think of the AVEM Water Interactive Product Guide as a puzzle, then the product line sheets are the pieces. Product Line Sheets (PLS’s) contain specific information about a single product. A single product may be SCH80 PVC Pressure Pipe (see below)PLS’s tell you everything you need to know about the specified product. This includes: an overview, photo, variations (sizes, associated specs, connections types, etc), and related products. The PLS also associates the manufacturers we distribute for along with downloads and resources for that manufacturers version of the product.

SCH80 PVC Pressure Pipe

SCH80 PVC Pipe is  is manufactured to meet the needs of residential, commercial, & industrial plumbing systems, and other pressure applications.

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Product Categories

Product categories compartmentalize PLS’s by three level. Segment line, Overall Product group, sub product group. Our browsing navigation guides you through these three levels to drill into the PLS you intend to view. You will always see a breadcrumb display at the top of your screen as a reference to know exactly where you are. All PLS are located under the final sub product group. So, using the example above, SCH80 PVC Pressure Pipe is located in the Plumbing • Plumbing Pipe • PVC Plumbing Pressure Pipe category. See that category here…

PVC Plumbing Pressure Pipe

PVC Plumbing Pressure Pipe is available in SCH40, SCH80, and a variety of other special pressure classes for specific plumbing applications.

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