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What we do

We provide waterworks and related infrastructure product solutions to international contractors, developers and municipalities. Our products focus on municipal water and wastewater, drainage and fire protection solutions

We are 100%

100% Waterworks

AVEM Water has been providing water treatment, transmission, distribution, and collection product solutions to contractors, developers, municipalities, and facility owners operating in international markets since 2012. Today, AVEM Water operates four locations to serve customers in our primary markets throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

100% International

We pride ourselves as the definitive international waterworks supplier by offering: competitive pricing, quality products, and superior support. Our 100% commitment to the international marketplace allows us to partner with the manufacturers we distribute for in a way that our competition can not.

100% Quality

Every product we sell is backed by our Commitment to Quality. We only distribute product for manufacturers that understand the demands of the regions we sell. This means that when you have a problem, you are guaranteed that AVEM Water will respond in a way that no other can.

Our brand is our people

The Brand

AVEM Water is a brand that embraces the future of International wholesale waterworks distribution. When customers see the AVEM Water logo on quotes, sales orders, shipping documents, and technical packages; they know their supply chain is in good hands.

The Leadership

Danny Moody, Raul Calderon, and TJ Witterman make up the executive team. Each have a unique but parallel mission and vision for the industry. Our unified mission is to positively influence our industry with everything we do. Our vision is to lead the global waterworks marketplace with progressive ideas and passionate spirits while empowering our employees and partners with tools for success.

The People

How do we do it? We understand that above all, we are in a relationship business. Each individual at AVEM Water, no matter the role, is focused on the customer experience. We strive, every day, to better understand your business so we may serve your waterworks product needs.

Expect More... Expect AVEM

Sales and Support

Employees at AVEM Water have an average of 19 years of experience in the waterworks industry. It’s what we know. It’s what we live.

The Complete Line

AVEM Water supplies an industry leading waterworks line that caters to a variety of markets and applications to meet and exceed our customers specifications and quality demands.


AVEM Water is committed to leading technology for the highest level of collaboration in the industry. Our dedication to the most advanced enterprise resource planning and customer resource management system means better efficiency and responsiveness to your organization.


“Above all, we are people dealing with people.”

Value added Services

We encourage our customers to think of these as EXPECTATIONS.

Here for your success

Approach to the Market

Our business is built on an approach to the marketplace that gives our customers a waterworks product buying experience un-achievable by others. How? We designed AVEM Water from the ground to do one thing. Sell 100% waterworks products in the international marketplace. Every building block of our business is used to serve our market better. We are NOT a big box distribution center, we are NOT an export trader. We ARE AVEM Water, your true international waterworks product partner.

Above and beyond…

… is the term we hear often at AVEM Water when customers describe our service. Our dedicated approach to the market, support from our manufacturers, and our employees willingness to take the extra step for our customers allows us to exceed expectations with each order we ship and each relationship we build.

Helping you succeed

Using AVEM Water as your primary waterworks supplier will change how you and your team achieve your goals. We hope that your organization will take advantage of the products, services, and extras we offer and see the difference in having AVEM Water as a member of your team. We look forward to proving ourselves to your organization on your next project.

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