Customer Service

The AVEM Water Customer Service Commitment

AVEM Water is committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Due to factors effecting international shipment, we understand that issues can arise. We commit to helping our customers resolve any issue affecting their order in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Common Issues

Over the years, we find that most customer service issues fall into one of these categories:

  • Incorrect Item(s) received
  • Item(s) Damaged
  • Item(s) Missing
  • Packaging Damaged
  • Failure after Installation

The AVEM Water Case Management System

AVEM Water provides a high level of customer support by utilizing a comprehensive customer service case management system in your ERP/CRM software. We combine this with a dedicated customer service manager and clear policies and procedures. When you submit a customer service case to AVEM Water, the information is automatically loaded into our system and linked to your account. When necessary, we immediately involve the manufacturer and shipping company to assist in resolving the issue.

We will communicate with you throughout the case management process. You are also welcome to follow and interact with the case using your AVEM Water customer log in at

What We Expect from You

Before you enter your customer service case, we want to make sure you understand a few things.

  1. The AVEM Water Terms and Conditions will be used as the guideline for our customer service decisions. Please remember that you or your colleagues have already agreed to these terms and conditions. You may read them by clicking Terms and Conditions.
  2. Please do not hold payment of invoices as a way to resolve your customer service issue. The AVEM Water Customer policy requires that your invoices are paid per the terms on your invoice.
  3. Please route your customer service issue though our case management system and communicate with our customer service department about the case. Your sales person is not responsible for resolving your customer service case.

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