ASTM D3034 Sanitary Sewer Gravity PVC Pipe


ASTM D3034 Sanitary Sewer Gravity PVC Pipe is manufactured to meet the needs of modern municipal waste water systems, storm water drainage systems, and other non-pressure applications. With top quality raw materials and modern processing technology, our ASTM D3034 pipe meets all industry standards in addition to our own rigorous quality control requirements. Our D3034 pipe utilizes Rieber style gaskets throughout the entire product offering to create a leak-free joint.

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  • Green,
Gasket Types:
Imperial Sizes:
  • 4 in,
  • 6 in,
  • 8 in,
  • 10 in,
  • 12 in,
  • 15 in,
Lay Length:
  • 14 ft,
  • 20 ft,
Material Types:
Pipe and Fittings Class:
  • DR23.5 Sewer,
  • SDR26 Sewer,
  • DR35 Sewer,
Pipe Size Control:
  • PSM,
Pipe Wall Types:
  • Perforated,
  • Solid,

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