Ball & Socket Ductile Iron Pipe


Ball & Socket Ductile Iron Pipe is all the best of Tyton or Fastite rubber-gasket sealed ductile iron pipe joints with triple the maximum deflection available from either. Designed and used in subaqueous installations where lateral forces and an unsure bury condition demand a strong yet flexible restraint joint piping system. 15-degrees of deflection per joint equates to a 4-1/2 foot available offset in every full length of pipe laid or launched.

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Imperial Sizes:
  • 6 in,
  • 8 in,
  • 10 in,
  • 12 in,
  • 14 in,
  • 16 in,
  • 18 in,
  • 20 in,
  • 24 in,
  • 30 in,
  • 36 in,
Material Types:
Pipe Size Control:

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