AWWA C111-12 Rubber-Gasket Joints for Ductile-Iron Pressure Pipe and Fittings

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ISBN: 9781613001905
Publisher: AWWA
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: STC_0076133
Media Type: PDF
Number of pages: 52
This standard describes rubber-gasket joints of the following types for ductile-iron pressure pipe and ductile-iron and gray-iron fittings, valves, hydrants, and other appurtenances for potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water supply service: mechanical joints designed for pipe in sizes 3 in. through 24 in. (80 mm through 600 mm), and fittings in sizes 3 in. through 48 in. (80 mm through 1200 mm); push-on joints designed for pipe and fittings in sizes 3 in. through 64 in. (80 mm through 1,600 mm); flanged joints – designed for pipe and fittings in sizes 3 in. through 64 in. (80 mm through 1,600 mm); and, modifications to push-on and mechanical joints – modifications to the designs shown in this standard, including but not limited to segmented or special glands and split sleeves, are permissible as long as the design meets the performance requirements stated in Sec. 4.7. The major revisions in this edition of this standard are as follows: the scope of the standard was revised and other applicable sections throughout the standard were updated to include wastewater and reclaimed water; a new Sec. 4.1.2 Certification was added to include a requirement for NSF/ANSI 61 certification on products if they will be in contact with potable water; and, in Tables 4 and 8, reference was deleted to ASTM D572-Standard Test Method for Rubber- Deterioration by Heat and Oxygen, reference was added to ASTM D573-Standard Test Method for Rubber-Deterioration in an Air Oven, and minimum aging requirements were modified to reflect the revised test method.

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